• Pedro Pinto Sousa Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia/espinho, Portugal
  • Arlindo Matos Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Portugal
  • Rui Almeida Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Portugal
  • Pedro Sá Pinto Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Portugal




Renal artery aneurysm (RAA) is a rare entity with an estimated prevalence of 0.09%. The majority present asymptomatically and the diagnosis is made incidentally during an imaging test. Indications to treat have been subject of intense debate, nevertheless, there seems to be some consensus that RAA’s greater than 2 cm in diameter, expanding, with thrombus or in pregnant women should be treated. Treatment options vary between surgical or endovascular approach. Hilar RAA presents a therapeutic challenge because of their anatomic location and may require extracorporeal arterial reconstruction and auto-transplantation. We describe a 71-year-old woman, with an incidentally diagnosed complex RAA, following the study for an abdominal discomfort. Computed tomographic angiography revealed a 13mm, saccular aneurysm located at the right renal hilum. We performed hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy with ex-vivo repair of the RAA. The intervention and postoperative course were uneventful. At six months of follow up the patient keeps a well-functioning auto-transplant. RAA may be nowadays more frequently diagnosed due to the increasing use of imaging techniques. Hand- -assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy with ex-vivo repair and auto-transplantation is a challenging but feasible option for treating hilar RAA.


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