• Andrea Carla de Souza Contenças Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, Santos Faculty of Medical Sciences, Lusiada University, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Lucas Ribeiro dos Santos Physiology and Internal Medicine, Santos Faculty of Medical Sciences, Lusiada University, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Márcio Luís Duarte Radiology, Webimagem Telerradiologia, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Élcio Roberto Duarte Radiology, Prevent Senior, São Paulo, Brazil



Anatomy, Kidney, X-ray, Ultrasonography, Tomography, X-Ray Computed


Ectopic thoracic kidney corresponds to less than 5% of all renal ectopia. An asymptomatic 81-year-old woman performed an x-ray which demonstrated a heterogeneous opacity in the right hemithorax. An ultrasonography showed a thoracic right kidney, and a computed tomography demonstrated the right kidney in her right hemithorax through Bochdalek foramen. Physicians must be aware that asymptomatic patients do not need any treatment or invasive procedures due to this malformation, although surgical interventions may be due in severe cases.


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