Ischemic ventricular septal rupture with patent coronary bypass grafts due to occluded septal branch, a case report




Background: Ischemic ventricular septal rupture (VSR) is a lethal complication that occurs either after spontaneous or iatrogenic occlusion of one of the major epicardial coronary vessels. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of a VSD after a septal branch occlusion in a patient with patent coronary artery grafts to both the left anterior descending and posterior descending arteries.

Methods: We present a rare case of anterior ischemic VSR due to the occlusion of a major septal branch. The patient had previous coronary artery bypass grafts and his left internal mammary artery conduit to the anterior descending artery was patent. The culprit lesion that resulted in the development of the VSR was the occlusion of a major septal branch.

Discussion: The presence of collateral circulation in chronic coronary occlusive disease may provide a protective effect against the development of transmural myocardial necrosis which may reduce the risk of septal rupture. This case highlights the fact that patent coronary artery grafts may not protect from future ischemic VSR.

Conclusion: Major septal branches with significant disease should be assessed for percutaneous options if technically feasible as dictated by the Heart Team.


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